Dhatelo Restore Amber Vanilla Hair Strengthening Shampoo 267ml (9 fl.oz)


Featuring Dhatelo Seed Oil. Himalayan Mountains, Nepal. Used for centuries by Nepalese women to protect their hair and skin from the unforgiving climate of heightened radiation, extreme temperatures and gale force winds of the Himalayas. Certified Organic, Wildcrafted and Sustainably Harvested. Naturally-derived cleansing agents are boosted with Tweak’d By Nature’s proprietary Plant4FOAM complex, all rich in natures saponins to create an effective, yet gentle “Good For You Cleansing Lather”.  Instantly helps hydrate and restore the healthy condition to hair damaged by overexposure to chemical-processing, sun or excessive heat styling.  Gently removes product residue and impurities without stripping away the hair and scalp of their natural oils.  Moisturising and conditioning properties to optimise the hair's elasticity. Preps the hair for Tweak'd by Nature conditioners, cleansing treatments, clayditioners and styling products. Proven Performance: After one application, hair treated with Dhatelo Restore Hair Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner, had 82% less hair breakage when compared to a leading Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner. Formulated for dry, damaged hair or anyone seeking extreme hydration, repair and strength. Scent: Amber, Vanilla, Almonds and a touch of honey.

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