All of Tweak’d By Nature’s Cleansing Hair Treatments contain precious Dhatelo Seed Oil from the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. Used by Nepalese women for centuries to protect their hair and skin from the harsh climatic conditions of the Himalayas.

Growing high in the Himalayan Mountains and free from the harmful effects of pollution and urbanisation. Regarded as Mother Nature’s natural solution to silicone, this lightweight and non-greasy reparative oil deeply penetrates the hair fibre to restore and undo damage while providing a protective film-forming guardian veil around the hair strand, sealing in moisture, and delivering renewed strength, softness, shine and manageability. Sustainably Harvested, Certified Organic & Certified Wild Harvested.

Innovative Dry Hair Application:

A new way of cleansing and treating har.

Tweak’d By Nature’s Cleansing Hair Treatments have revolutionised how people go about treating and cleansing hair. At the cutting edge of innovation, Tweak’d have pioneered a dynamic delivery system to intensely treat, cleanse and protect.  Designed to be applied to dry hair first, this simple method allows for the strands to better absorb the active ingredients in their purest state. Dry hair is like a sponge, capable to absorb hair health ingredients in their most potent and restorative form. Conversely, if the hair is saturated with water first, the now “wet” sponge or in our case, “wet” hair, is impeded. The absorption of water into the hair strand interferes with the uptake of active ingredients. Clinically proven to absorb more active hair health ingredients than the traditional way of shampooing- soaking the hair first.