Bamboo-Green Tea Hydrating Treatment Balm 355ml 12fl.oz


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Featuring Dhatelo Seed Oil. Himalayan Mountains. Nepal. Certified Organic, Sustainably Harvested and Wild Crafted. Used for centuries by native women to help protect their hair and skin from the harsh and unforgiving climatic conditions of the Himalayas. Also featuring Bamboo, Matcha Green Tea and Wild Honey from Nepal. Our Inspiration: Our featured ingredients and scents were motivated by the ingredients and aromas originating from the Superfood Smoothie Bowls served in Bali. What benefits the body, benefits the hair. The silica content in bamboo helps to fortify delicate hair as well as helping to clean and soothe the hair and scalp. The Green Tea possesses a high ratio of antioxidants to help defend against free radical damage to help prevent premature ageing. This serum-in-cream treatment balm helps to seal split ends and protect against heat and breakage. Helps to repair hair with every blow dry, maintaining healthy-looking hairstyles longer. Helps to refresh, strengthen, fortify and moisturize. Helps to restore manageability to dry, damaged, over-processed hair. Helps to control frizz and flyaways and conditions the hair shaft from root to tip. Ideal for dry or damaged hair that needs a little extra TLC. Formulated for Dry, Damaged, Over-Processed Hair. Scent: Bamboo, Matcha Green Tea, Honey