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Tribal Chocolate All-Purpose Rescue Cream 446g (15.75oz)


Featuring Dhatelo Seed Oil and Pure Nacional Cacao from the Maranon Canyon of Peru. Thought to be extinct for 100 years…until now. One of the rarest chocolates in the world, this highly revered cacao bean, highlighted in Anthony Bourdain’s “Part’s Unknown”, contains 12.5 times the antioxidant value of fresh blueberries to defend ageing skin against free further free radical damage. A Limited-Edition formulation and part of Tweak’d By Nature’s Rare Treasure Collection, is only offered during certain times of the year due to the seasonal harvest of Pure Nacional Cacao.  The combination of Coconut, Bananas and American Palm Oil (Sustainably Harvested) helps to restore dry, rough, ageing skin to renewed softness, leaving it healthy, glowing and supple. Maintains the skins natural moisturizing factor to help address dry, irritated, chaffed skin.  Multitasking 5 in 1 formula that replaces your AM Cream, PM Cream, Eye Cream, Makeup Primer and Body Cream. Formulated for all skin types and ideal for ageing skin. Scent: Crème de Cacao

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