Tamed Bye-Bye Frizz! Flexible Finishing Mist 227g (8fl.oz)


When you hear words like "moisturising" & "conditioning," the first product that comes to mind isn't typically a hairspray. Tweak-d's Tame-d Bye Bye FRIZZ Flexible Finishing Mist has arrived to shift our frame of reference. This state-of-the-art spray technology evenly delivers a clear lightweight, flexible-hold that is formulated with moisture-repelling micronised fibres that adhere to the hair, which helps to combat frizz and flyways. This Fast drying, waterless formula not only tames, lifts, and holds, it moisturises and strengthens hair too. Formulated with a special blend of Ceramides, Amino Acids, and other key ingredients including Quinoa protein and Kauri Amber Resin from New Zealand. Waterless, fast-drying, flexible hold hairspray (Hold Level on our scale is approx. 7 out of 10). Superior shine and humidity protection without the build-up. Workable, brushable hold for bending, moulding, twisting or lifting hair. Temporarily increases the appearance of volume, body and bounce. Doesn't feel stiff or sticky and is easily washed out from the hair. Proven Performance: Hair treated with Tame-d Bye-Bye Frizz Flexible Finishing Mist was shown to effectively help maintain hair style and control frizz and flyways under severe humid environments of 89% Relative Humidity at 90°F for up to 7 hours. Formulated for all hair types. Scent: Vanilla Bean, Black Orchid

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