Restore. Coco-Nutty Hydrating Treatment Balm 355ml 12fl.oz


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Featuring Dhatelo Seed Oil. Himalayan Mountains. Nepal. Certified Organic, Sustainably Harvested and Wild Crafted. Used for centuries by native women to help protect their hair and skin from the harsh and unforgiving climatic conditions of the Himalayas. Also featuring Kenari Nuts, Coconut, Banana, Oats and Honey, specific to Restore. Coco-Nutty Hydrating Treatment Balm. Our Inspiration: Our featured ingredients and scents were motivated by the ingredients and aromas originating from the Superfood Smoothie Bowls served in Bali. What benefits the body, benefits the hair. The Omega fatty acids contained within Kenari Nuts and Dhatelo Seed oil restores the scalps moisture barrier and repairs damaged strands from the inside out to their penetrative capabilities. Exotic Honey serves as a natural humectant to help keep the hair hydrated. Oats help to retain moisture, while the silica and vitamin content found in bananas controls frizz and strengthens, leaving the hair soft and silky to the touch. This serum-in-cream treatment balm helps to seal split ends and protect against heat and breakage. Helps to repair hair with every blow dry, maintaining healthy-looking hairstyles longer. Ideal for dry or damaged hair that needs a little extra TLC for all-day touchable softness., Helps refresh, fortify, protect and moisturize. Helps to restore manageability to dry, damaged, over-processed hair. Helps to condition the hair shaft in its entirety.  Formulated for Dry, Damaged, Over-Processed Hair Scent: A Bali inspired blend of Kenari Nut, Bananas, Oats and Honey.