Restore Bamboo-Green Tea Revitalising Hair Treatment Mist 473.2ml (16oz)


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Featuring Dhatelo Seed Oil, Himalayan Mountains. Nepal. Certified Organic, Sustainably Harvested and Wild Crafted. This multitasking formulation also features Bamboo, Matcha Green-Tea and Honey. Our Inspiration: Our featured ingredients and scents were motivated by the ingredients and aromas originating from the Superfood Smoothie Bowls served in Bali. What benefits the body, benefits the hair. Proven to reduce hair breakage by 92% on chemically damaged, dry, brittle, frizzy hair. Bamboo contains the highest silica content than any other plant specie to help fortify the most distressed, delicate hair. The combination of Matcha Green Tea and Honey will hydrate the driest hair, fueling it with vital nutrition while at the same time, protecting against free radicals due to the high antioxidant quotient. The wild honey from Nepal serves as a natural humectant to keep the hair moisturized as the day is long, while its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe irritated scalps and to keep potential bacteria infections of the scalp at bay. Instantly revitalizes weak, fragile, damaged hair. Preps hair for styling so detangling is made easy as well as serving as a heat protector. Reactivates style without washing. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Nourishes dry, brittle, weakened hair with moisture, leaving the hair with renewed softness and shine Formulated for all hair types in need of strength, hydration and shine. Scent: Bamboo, Matcha Green Tea, Honey and Peppermint

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