Dhatelo Restore Amber Vanilla Hair Strengthening Conditioner 267ml (9fl.oz)


Featuring Dhatelo Seed Oil. Himalayan Mountains. Nepal. Certified Organic, Sustainably Harvested and Wild Crafted. Used by Nepalese women to help protect their hair and skin from heightened UV radiation, gale-force winds and the extreme fluctuating temperatures of the Himalayas. Concerned with dry, brittle fragile locks? Look no further than this ultra-moisturising, omega-enriched revitalising conditioner that provides the ideal foundation for continuous healthy-looking hair. Designed to help moisturise dry, damaged hair, improve manageability, and reduce frizz – and all the while, protecting from external aggressors and retaining plenty of natural movement. Our innovative dry hair application optimises the absorption of hair health ingredients into the hair strand while ensuring for their proper distribution, so if you're looking for a little extra TLC to dry, brittle hair apply the Restore Hair Strengthening Conditioner to dry hair from ends to roots and let it work its magic for a minute or so before washing. Proven Performance: After one application, hair treated with Dhatelo Restore Hair Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner, had 82% less hair breakage when compared to a leading Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner.  Formulated for dry, damaged, brittle hair that can occur from chemical processing, overexposure to the suns rays and excessive use of heat styling tools. Scent: Vanilla, Amber, Almond Milk and Honey

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